Ordinary female friends have a good birthday, what gift is better, not too expensive or too vulgar

If you like the kind very much

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  1. 1. Customized jewelry: This kind of gift is particularly intentional. She can engrave her name and birthday on necklaces, bracelets, pendants, rings, etc. It is considered a unique.
    2. Crystal gifts: For example, crystal music box, crystal makeup mirror, women have no resistance to pure crystals.
    3. Very special gifts: such as keeping flowers, creative dolls, gold foil flowers, cartoon bouquets, music pillows, etc., both fashionable and special.
    4. Clothing, skin care products, no matter what kind of personality women, this kind of gift will like it, but if there is a grade, it is best to be her favorite style and brand. This is more affordable.
    5. Self -made gifts: For example, fold the lucky star with specific paper, and write a blessing to her in each lucky star.

  2. When you give gifts, you should first pay attention. Don’t think that the more expensive the gift is, the better. Most girls like your heart and like you when thinking about her instead of spending money without thinking. The album made for her carefully hand -made is better than expensive cosmetics. Secondly, it is easy to spoil her too much expensive gift to a girl, which makes her more and more wayward and like to spend money. Of course, it does not mean that you ca n’t buy it. If your economy is affordable, it is okay. If not, do n’t force yourself. So let’s talk about the emotions of the cup today. What gifts are best for women.

    . Handmade album
    A album can record every point in life, so that the other party can better understand you. This gift will describe your experience and make girls more trust you. The material of the album is very simple and can be bought in the supermarket. You can use colored paper and fluorescent pens. Photos can be washed online, which is very cheap. When making a photo album, each page is posted with a photo. The following is a copy of the copy. This gift does not cost money, and it can also express your own mind.

    . Lipstick
    Lipsticks, generally not many girls will refuse such gifts, no girls can refuse a delicate lipstick. However, lipsticks are cheap and expensive. When buying, you must weigh your wallet. Choose a suitable price, cheap and easy to use. Suitable lip color. Note that picking lip color is very critical and must be cautious.

    three, snack gift bags
    girls generally like big gifts. The more the better, the bigger the better. Because this gift is easy to satisfy the vanity of girls, gifts such as giant teddy bears and dolls are born like this. What is big and cheap? That is snacks. You can go to the supermarket to buy and buy it crazy. Large and cheap snacks such as potato chips and biscuits should be no stranger to you, and it will not be very expensive, so you can easily get a big gift package. Then put a bunch of flowers inside, attached to the girl a surprise, the effect is still good.

    What gifts are suitable for girls? In a relationship, you must buy some small gifts for girls at the right time, but buying gifts must have a certain standard, not to say that the more you buy, the better your relationship. In fact, what she wants is not a special gift, but your attitude towards this love. If you use your own hands to do something, such as filming a small card you love, such as the photo album of your photo, she will think that her portion is not small in your heart.

  3. Ordinary female friends have a good birthday. What gifts are better. It is not too expensive or too vulgar
    boyfriend will also have birthdays. So what gifts do girls give when they are on their birthdays? Some girls may give boys flowers? Will this be very happy like this? What flowers are better for boys? Let’s take a look.

    since ancient times, flowers are things that can make people happy. If your girlfriend gives her boyfriend flower, it may make her boyfriend very happy when working. You can choose the flower material that you can choose to choose from.

    The preferred words may be champagne roses. You can choose 18 champagne rose yellow warblers to embellish 18 roses. The price is not very expensive. You can choose blue on the packaging. Packaging, or pink packaging, champagne -colored ribbon, rectangular gift box, and champagne roses: There is a rainbow that does not appear in the sky after the rain, and it often appears in my heart. This rainbow is you, you are the most beautiful rainbow in my heart.

    can also be used with peach apples. Tao Pinghua has 5 petals, which represent different meanings, and insist on guarding and career for love health. Tao Pinghua is red. It represents love and persistence. I hope that in the future of your future, not only love but also can accompany each other with each other and stay for life.

    This year’s birthday, do you want to give your boyfriend a gift? If you don’t think about it, try Tao Pinghua!

  4. What she is going to do, she usually sends relevant parties when she likes. Essence Essence If you do n’t know, then send ornament and the like. The clothes and cosmetics are cheap and you ca n’t get expensive, and you do n’t reach this level. Essence Essence Just set the decoration

  5. Ordinary female friends celebrate their birthday.
    I don’t know what gift to give her.
    Then I suggest you buy her cosmetics.
    Because women pay attention to their face most.
    The likes to give people because of gifts.
    In cheap she is happy!

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