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How should be put when wig is not worn, how did wig bifurcate do

What should I do when I'm not wearing my wig?​ It should be placed on a plastic shelf that supports the wig to maintain its shape and prolong its life. Or get a round doll or vase to keep the wig from getting out of shape. Or after combing, the wig is stuffed with paper, […]

Humans receive mysterious signals from Centauri!

Do humans ever feel lonely? For most people, no, but for scientists looking for the truth, humans are alone. They observe space day and night and continuously send human messages into space, hoping to detect a signal or get a response, hoping to capture information from other people who may be living in space. They […]

Scientists pick up mysterious signals every three seconds. Are they from an alien civilization?

Astronomers have detected a strange radio signal that repeats every three seconds. During this three-second window, bursts of higher intensity occur every 0.2 seconds. So the signal, which takes the shape of a heartbeat, is a fast radio pulse unlike anything else. But what are these mysterious radio signals? Where are these bursts of radio […]