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  1. Tiffany

    1. Cultural customized gifts
    . I went to Guizhou before. My friend gave me a silver painting. Personally, I thought it was quite attentive, and it also had local characteristics. It is a wax dyeing painting made of Guizhou Map as the design concept and using the local characteristic wax dyeing process. I put it at home now, and my friends said that this is a very special decoration.
    2, health gifts
    I people are more and more pursuing health, healthy gifts, and the general trend of business gift selection. If your budget is OK, and you also need such a atmospheric business gift. Silver pot will be a good choice. Putting the pot, not only has the meaning of blessing and blessing, but also the characteristics of the water quality of the silver pot is to choose a highlight of it. Send the pot to send a health and care.
    3, practical gifts
    The so -called practicality is biased to daily life objects, and life is essential. In other words, it is universal. This type of product has a high degree of acceptance and a wide range of choices.
    It from the original product cost, small to practical notebooks, water -based pen -to -office U disks, and data cables are all business gifts with relatively low costs. If the price goes up, the daily water cup is also a good choice.
    4, ornamental gifts
    The daily necessities with relatively low cost, but they have less corporate culture and cannot reflect the cultural value of the gift enterprise itself. At this time, many companies will choose to customize their own gifts.
    The custom -made desk calendar with practical and corporate culture is a choice for many companies. You can sell products with companies to customers, and customers can also place them at the desk or home. The customized cultural setting is also a good choice, and the desk or home can be used.
    5. Business signature pen
    is made of solid brass. The pen is a map of laser carvings, light golden maps, and the shading is painted with gemstone paint, and the pen holder is plated

  2. Milton

    Generally speaking, the gift is too light and meaningless, and it is easy to misunderstand the gift as looking down on him, especially those who are not close to the relationship. And if the gift is too light and it is difficult to ask others to do, it may be almost zero. However, the gift is too expensive, and it will make people who accept gifts are suspected of accepting bribes, especially to officials and boss. In addition to some people who take advantage of cheap and bold, most people are likely to decide, or even if they accept it, they will pay for it. Otherwise, they will be able to pay attention in the future. Isn't it forcing others to consume? If the other party refuses to accept it, your money has been spent and it is useless, you will have a lot of troubles, as people often say: "spend money to find sin", why is it suffering? Therefore, the other party can be happy to accept as the scale, choose a gift with appropriate weight, and strive to spend less money and do more; spend more money to do good deeds.

    The time interval is appropriate

    It the time interval of gift gifts is also very particular, and it is not appropriate for too frequent or too long. The gift giver may always be sent to the door with a lot of help, or for help. Some people think that it is so generous to win the favor of others. Think of it, but it is not. Because you give the gift at this frequency too strong. In addition, people must be affectionate to you. Generally speaking, it is advisable to choose important festivals, festives, and birthday gifts. The gifts are not unusual, and the gifts are also peaceful.

    Note the custom taboos

    This should understand the identity, hobbies, and national habits of the gift before giving gifts, so as not to give gifts to trouble. Some people give a gift to send perfume, but the gift -giving person does not know that the ritual people are sensitive to perfume. Isn't this indirectly ridicule others? Because the gift giver does not understand the situation, they can only disperse in the end. In view of this, when giving gifts, we must consider the full -scale to avoid exterior branches. For example, do not send the clock, because the "bell" and "end" are homophonic, which makes people feel unlucky. When others are sweet, send a "happy breakup" sad song. If he can kick you from here to hundreds of miles away, I think he will do this!

    The gift must have meaning

    Gifts are the carrier of emotion. Any gift shows the unique intention of the gift person, or for gratitude, or asking for people, or contacting feelings. Therefore, the gifts you choose must be consistent with your mind and make the salute feel that your gifts are unusual and feel precious. In fact, the best gifts should be selected according to the interests of the other party. It is meaningful, intriguing, extraordinary but not in the mountains but not showing mountains. Therefore, when choosing a gift, consider its ideological, artistic, fun, and commemorative factors, and strives to be ingenious and not vulgar.

  3. Rafael

    Business gifts are commemorative gifts that enterprises and institutions are in business activities or meetings, and social occasions such as festivals to strengthen their feelings and business exchanges to each other. As business gifts, most of them have the names and signs of enterprises. The average price is higher than the advertising promotion gift.

    The business gifts are usually relatively high -end. If corporate welfare gifts can be sent to washing water and soap, promotional gifts can be made of balls and shopping bags. Family gifts can be sent to snacks and drinks. Then the above gifts are destined to be issued. Because business gifts are biased towards high -end in terms of value and tone, it is not feasible to be too low -end or too close to the people.

  4. Ethel

    Specialty, cultural characteristics, good quality, fine craftsmanship
    is like embroidery. Embroidery is a traditional handicraft, which inherits the historical civilization of thousands of years, and many people will use it as gifts for gifts.

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