How can there be a government hosted by the government in the second half of the year?

Due to the influence of the crisis of the company, the number of orders decreases a lot, and the output has declined straight. In order to expand the product market and increase the sales channels, the company plans to participate in the government or a large exhibition organized by the government in the second half of the year. refer to?

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  1. China International Tourism Commodity Expo

    The hosting time: November 12th-15, 2009

    N In undertaking unit: China Tourism Association (Tourism Commodity Branch) Zhejiang Provincial Tourism Bureau Yiwu Municipal People's Government

    co -organizers: provincial, municipal, autonomous region tourism bureaus
    n support units: China: China Tourism Newspaper, China Tourism Magazine, China Tourism Commodity Network

    The location: Yiwu International Expo Center
    The exhibition execution: Yiwu China Small Commodity City Exhibition Co., Ltd. Market advantages accelerate the development of tourism products to promote shopping and tourism business opportunities

    With the rapid development of the tourism industry, the tourism industry has become one of the leading industries of social and economic development. The position and role of tourism products in the development of the market economy are more prominent. The tourism industry has played a positive role in stimulating regional economic development and industrial improvement, and further drives the development of tourism products. The exchange of tourism culture and the improvement of commodity trade are of far -reaching significance.

    The Zhejiang Province, as a strong tourism economy province, has unique tourism resources and market advantages. In recent years, the tourism industry has developed rapidly, the tourism industry has continuously innovated, and has actively promoted the development of the tourism industry to clustering, diversified, internationalized, and informatization. It has been in the country in the country in promoting the development and internationalization of tourism commodities. In the future, under the guidance of the National Tourism Administration, the China International Tourism Commodity Expo will be held, and we will strive to make the exhibition tourism and tourism and shopping coordinated.

    Puyi-located in central Zhejiang. It is an ancient city with a history of 2229 counties. It has profound cultural heritage, celebrities, and developed trade. Since the reform and opening up, Yiwu City has adhered to the development strategy of "building a city" and strived to build a famous international business city. Yiwu's market has complete products, strong research and development capabilities, wide radiation power, strong marketing capabilities, and high employment rates for industries. "Small Commodity Ocean, Shopper Paradise" has become synonymous with a prosperous and civilized Yiwu city. The market is the largest characteristic and advantage of Yiwu's economy. It is the carrier of Yiwu shopping tourism. "Yiwu Trading" has been included in one of the five major international tourism destinations in Zhejiang Province. In 2008, the International Trade City received a total of 5.95 million tourists, of which 348,000 were reached by overseas tourists, an increase of 15.44%and 11.396%year -on -year. Yiwu has been named "China Excellent Tourism City" and the first national 4A shopping tourist area; the "golden business card" of urban tourism in Zhejiang Province, one of the top ten most popular attractions. In recent years, the exhibition industry in Yiwu has developed rapidly, and has been rated as "China's Most Character Convention and Exhibition City" and "China's Top Ten Best Convention and Exhibition City".

    Thewu was identified as a permanent contractor of the China International Tourism Commodity Expo, and was set as the China Tourism Commodity R

  2. The Autumn Canton Fair is mainly outside, exported.
    If upstairs, if you want to participate in the exhibition of the hall, what industry is you. Finding related industries, I know that the machinery manufacture has a large exhibition in Zhengzhou, Henan every year.
    In you find some companies with information information and ask, they are particularly clear.

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